Terms of Use

BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org is a dating website for singles looking to meet others for relationships, friendships, or casual flings. When you agree to use this platform, you will follow the terms of use that will be mentioned below. These terms can change at any time and users are advised to check them from time to time in case they have been updated.


● To sign up to BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org, you must be 18 years of age. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to create an account on this platform. Any account created by anyone under the age stated above will be deleted immediately.

● During the registration process on BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org, you will need to create an account with a unique password and username. If you notice any suspicious activities or feel your account was hacked, you should notify the customer service team immediately. You should keep the information used to make your account to yourself and shouldn’t share it with anyone. It is your responsibility to make sure that your account has a strong password.

● You will not use BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org to promote any services or products of other businesses. If you are in breach of this term, action will be taken.

● Your BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org account can be closed at any time if you feel you don’t need it anymore.

● BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org owns all the rights on this platform and you are not allowed to share, sell, modify or publish anything under the platform's name.

● You will not impersonate anyone on this platform and will respect other members. Failure to do so can result in your profile being removed from the platform.

● You will not violate any of the community guidelines of this site.

● If your account has been terminated, you will not be allowed to create another unless we give you permission

● The content you post on BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org is your responsibility and when creating your account, you are required to enter basic information like email, location, age, and hobbies. Your email address might be shared with third-party partners.

●  You are not allowed to post anything that promotes violence to others, racism, pornography, drug-taking, hate speech, nudity, and any other illegal activities. You should not post where you work, your phone number, home address, and government name.

● Anyone caught spamming, stalking, soliciting sex to minors, or defrauding other members on this platform will have their account terminated and reported to the authorities.

If you don’t own the rights to a price of content, you are not allowed to post it without obtaining permission from the owner. Any trademark or copyrighted materials should not be posted without permission.