Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org illustrates how the information provided by users of the platform is collected and how to safely use the website. BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org respects the privacy of its users by ensuring that data collected is kept safely and securely.


If you agree to use BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org on your quest to find a relationship, love, or make friends, you will agree to the points that will be mentioned below however, keep in mind that these can change at any time. When changes are made, users will be made aware of them via email or simply by checking the website from time to time. Users who have any queries are advised to speak to customer service.


What sort of information does BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org collect?

● Your name

● Your date of birth

● Your email address

● Your location

● The website collects further information when users browse and interact with other members.


How is the information collected by BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org used

● Ensure that members using this website get the best experience possible

● Any issues that users encounter when using this website are dealt with very quickly

● Credit information is saved in the database to make it easier for members to make purchases or payments

● Communicate with users via emails to let them know the latest updates, news, changes, and promos happening on the website.


How BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org protects user information

● The best cybercrime technology system is used by BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org to ensure the information provided on the website is kept securely and safely.

● Any information that is provided by users is not shared with third parties unless authorized by the user

● Top-quality encryption systems prevent hackers and scammers from accessing member information.


Extra links on BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org

There are their party links and ads on BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org. Members who click on them will be taken to the host website of those links and ads. Should any personal information be leaked while users have clicked on third-party ads and links, BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org will not be held responsible. Members are responsible for their safety when they click on third-party links and ads.


Control the information you get from BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org

Any information you provide to BlackWomenWhiteMen.Org is used in-house and if users wish to stop information being collected at any time, they can do the following

● Contact the customer service team via email

● When creating an account, click on the “Do Not Share” option

● Ensure their information is up to date

● Go to their profile homepage and make changes from there