Apr 25, 2022

News and viewpoints about Black culture


One Black man once informed me that the only issue with black women is that many believes they are innocent. I couldn't comprehend what he said until I started hanging out with huge Black women and learned why Black males felt the same way. I mean, as a Black woman, I understand, and we've been through hell. Except for Black women, no one understands the genuine agony. Black women face daily. But, we always try to hold our heads high as if nothing is amiss, which is why I enjoy being a Black woman. However, I dislike how narrow many Black women are at times, and I dislike how we attempt to push Black men to a level which we are nowhere near.

Yes, black men do this, and I will comment on them later in the novel, but one great fight will always continue between the Black man and Black woman that have no possibility of ending soon. If you understand me, you realize that attractive men aren't my choice, but there are handfuls that capture my attention. As a result, if you understand me, you know who's in the top three. And the man at the top of my list is Michael B. Jordan. I've had a great love for him ever since I saw him at Fruitvale station. And don't even get me began on The Awkward Moment, where he portrayed the devoted husband with a sleazy a** wife who slept on him. But, more than I adored him, I could tell just by looking at him because he didn't date black women.

I realize that the last comment will irritate many people, but face it! You meet certain black males who don't date black women, and Michael happens to be among them. The same ladies who are upset with him after dating beyond his race are the same to men who probably didn't give him a chance when he was younger.

However, rumors of his new involvement with a specific nonblack "Attractive woman" have prompted a boycott of The Black Panther's widely-awaited film. Time would tell whether the story is real or fake, but the time recalls me a lot of Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation's Black woman sabotage.

The boycott demand sparks a heated debate about double standard that black males believe they suffer and choose to support the opposite side. If anyone knows me, you know I adore Black men. My dearest friends usually advise me that I should be more open-minded when it comes to finding love. Please don't misinterpret what I'm saying. The idea of dating outside my race has certainly entered my mind, but I'm curious whether the reaction would be any different if I went that path.

My first kiss as a young spirit was with a white lad, but that didn't pique my curiosity about white guys. You can't help who you love, as I usually say. Certain people enter your life and come to your senses in ways that you did not previously consider conceivable or interesting.

Once it comes to specific themes, I prefer not to discuss things until I better understand them. Furthermore, I try not evening to broach the subject of ethnic dating. But, now that Serena Williams and Meghan Markle have become a major topic among Black women, I think it's time for me to weigh in. For years, stories about the number of Black women who still are single have made the headlines, and to be honest, we're tired of hearing about them. The truth typically sinks in when your romantic life becomes a subject of debate with your family. It's as though all you've fought for has gone out the window because you're still unmarried with no children. As a result, the negative perception Black men and women construct of one another to justify their desire for someone from a different culture and ethnicity serves to widen the gap between Black men and Black women. It devolves into many pointing fingers, shaming, bias, and hypocritical language.

This is the question that many Black women have when they witness a well-educated and good-looking Black man chosen another path. Even if the media portrays Black men as not wanting to marry a Black woman and Black women as the "most unattractive" bunch of females, trust that there are still enough Black guys out there who would like to marry a Black woman. So, girls, put you in the position to be chosen and let's shake the pettiness and anger because that could be exactly what's turning off our Black male peers.

We've all been through pain, but nobody wants to return home and face more battle after coping with things exterior. As a result, many people assume that dating someone of a different race will bring them the tranquility they seek.

When I speak to Black girls, many say they don't mind if a Black man dates beyond his race, but they hate a double standard that occurs when they're doing the same. We can all see it if you're on social media. However, if you ask Black men, they believe the double standards are another way around, with pro-Black women dating interracially but not them.

Indeed the tremendously controversial moment we're currently experiencing in the United States can't undo interracial relationships. We love who they love, end of the story. Notwithstanding the world's continuous bigotry, we can't dispute that as a country, we've come a long way in terms of putting an end to racial prejudice. Before you begin shrieking at me about how I'm wrong, breathe deeply, sip a soothing sip of tea, and admit that in our youth of today, we are deliberately liberal and accepting of variety in ways that our forebears would have recoiled at. The fact that you would even dispute with me about the magnitude of our development demonstrates that most of us are ignorant of critical facts.

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