Jun 10, 2022

Do and Don’t for black man dating a white woman


In the United States, as well as in Europe, more and more white women date black men. The increasing trend is probably due to the decrease in social prejudice. We can also see lots of successful black and white marriages. 

It is common to use dating apps to search for a potential partner. However, there are too many options on interracial dating apps, how do you stand out from the crowd? If you are a black man who wants to date a white woman, here are the things you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do. 


1. Don’t pick a dumb username.

Filling in the username is the first thing you need to do when registering a dating app account. It is also the most important thing. Don’t pick a dumb username, such as, “banana”, “ironman”, or “littlebaby”. It makes you look stupid. You should not have any username that is horny, arrogant or childish. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to attract a woman. The safe way is to save your time, just get a NORMAL username. 

2. Don’t post a wrong profile picture

A good profile picture is equally important as the right username. Showing your face or entire body close up and alone is not the right way. Women may not want to talk to you if they do not know who you are and how you look. 

Besides, bear in mind that you should never use old photos and group pictures. You should let your pictures do the talking about the person you are. For example, if you like watersports, post a profile picture of you at the beach. 

3. Don’t send meaningless message                 

What is a meaningless message? Examples are, “WOW”, “OMG”, “YOU’RE HOT”, etc. How do you expect a girl to respond to these kinds of messages? Bro, it is really hard for women to think of what to reply. They tend to ignore those texts. And your conversation will END. You’d better think of some interesting topics that make the conversation continue. 




1. Read the ladies' profiles

Reading others’ profiles before getting into a chat is a way to show your politeness. For example, if you are a heavy smoker and message a woman who says on her profile that she hates smokers, it’s just wasting each other's time. Please read profiles of the women that you are messaging. Find something you two have in common, for example, favorite singers or hobbies. It helps you to start the conversation smoothly. 

2. Set an interesting profile

No one wants to date a boring guy. You should carefully consider how to attract women. Provide them with a reason and motivation to get to know you. You can share your hobbies, what you like, and your thoughts. Package them into interesting words. 

3. Talk to her every day 

Some surveys revealed that women tend to fall in love with someone they always talk to. If you make a white girl feel that chatting with you every day becomes her habit, then you are half successful! 

Do take some time to be online even if you are busy. It is great to chat for at least an hour with each other to develop a relationship. If you have lots of work to do, try to leave a short message saying what you need to do. DON’T GHOUST!  


Women like to talk about themselves. It makes them feel comfortable when they are talking about the topic they are familiar with. Therefore, being a good listener, and letting the woman talk more, is good for conversations. 

How to be a good listener? The key is to let white women TALK MORE. Black men can ask white women some questions to get to know them better. For example, where she's from, where she went to school, what type of activities (books, music, movies, television) she enjoys, what she likes to eat, and so on.

AVOID asking too sensitive and personal topics if you do know each other well. Things like sex, politics, and religion may easily hit one’s bottom line and screw things up. 

5. Be patient 

Some guys like to propose a date on the first day they started chatting with girls. Please don’t do that. You should not put pressure on white girls. If you do want a date, you can say it politely, such as, “Just to let you know, I enjoy talking with you. Whenever you’re ready, we can go on a date.” It is important to state that you are not pushing her and you will wait for her.  

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